Why Good Guys Always Lose

3 thoughts on “Why Good Guys Always Lose”

  1. The best advice for nice guys here is the last sentence… move on. Nice guys put “one girl” on a pedestal that they barely know and movies make them believe that if they just keep acting more and more desperate (ie. the grand gesture that falls flat in real life) that she’ll change her mind.

    Remember that most women aren’t the perfect damsel you think they are. In fact, a big reason they’re shooting you down is because they don’t want that kind of pressure. The “asshole” (or a guy that knows better) goes into their approach knowing this and because they don’t send wimpy texts or act nervous and inferior women absolutely eat that shit up.

    New romance is supposed to be exciting, interesting and fun. You’re single and there’s literally three and a half billion women out there. Go have fun; take chances; flirt and tease – meet more women. Don’t waste your time with someone who’s blowing you off. I promise there’s someone out there that will jump at the chance to laugh, cause trouble and make out with you. Probably a lot more than one. 😉

    Bottom line though – you don’t really know that girl you’re all hot and bothered over, definitely not carnally. She’s not the total fantasy girl you think she is. No one’s perfect. The best thing to do is meet as many women as you can. They’re getting hit on every single day, making them more and more selective. Be selective too by meeting more women.

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  2. Michelle! I think you hit the nail on the head with this! Thank you so much for acknowledging how seriously GROSS the good morning text is. (I get that you woke up with a hard on for me but I DON’T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! )
    I can’t wait to see more articles like this.

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